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 Blackthorn Medical Centre

What is The Summary Care Record?


The NHS in England is using an electronic record called the Summary Care Record to support patient care.  All the settings where you receive healthcare keep their own medical records about you.


These places can often only share information from your records by letter, fax, telephone or email.  At times, this can delay information sharing and this can affect decision making about your care and potentially slow down treatment.


About your Summary Care Record (SCR)


Your Summary Care Record contains important information about any medicines you are taking, any allergies you suffer from and any bad reactions to medicines you have previously experienced and important past medical history.


Allowing authorised healthcase staff to have access to this information will improve decision making by doctors and other healthcare professionals and has prevented mistakes being made when patients are being cared for in an emergency or when their GP practice is closed.


Your SCR also includes your name, address, date of birth and your NHS Number to help identify you correctly.


You may wish to add other details about your care to your Summary Care Record.  This will only happen if both you and your GP agree to do this.  You should discuss your wishes with your GP.


Healthcare staff will only have access to this information so that they can provide safer care, whenever or wherever your need it, anywhere in England.


Who can see my SCR?


Healthcare staff who have access to your Summary Care Record:

  • need to be directly involved in caring for you
  • need to have an NHS Smartcard with the correct permissioning, chip and passcode
  • will only see the information they need to do their job and
  • will have their details recorded every time they look at your record

Healthcare staff will ask for your permission every time they need to look at your SCR.  If they cannot ask you (for example you are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate) healthcare staff may look at your record without asking you, because they may consider this is in your best interest.


If they have to do this, this decision will be recorded and checked to ensure that the access was appropriate.


What are my choices?


If you are registered with a GP an SCR will be automatically created for you.


You can choose to opt out from having an SCR. If you choose to opt out of having an SCR you will need to let us know by filling in and let us have a copy of the Opt Out Form.  Your records will then be coded so that an SCR is not created.  You have change your mind at any time.


The Opt Out form is available HERE


Opt Out form in Large Print HERE


or please ask at Reception for a form.


Children and the Summary Care Record


If you are the patient or guardian of a child under the age of 16 you should make this information available to them and support the child to come to a decision as to whether to have an SCR or not.


If you believe your child should op-out of having an SCR we recommend that your discuss this with your GP.  This will allow your child's GP to highlight the consequences or opting-out prior to finalising your decision.


Where can I get more information?

  • Talk to the staff at Blackthorn Medical Centre
  • Phone the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) on Tel. No. 0300 303 5678

Read the Summary Care Record Patient Leaflet HERE


Summary Care Record Patient Leaflet in Large Print HERE


The Care Record Guarantee HERE


Letter for new patients HERE



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