Practice Team

Practice Manager

Debra Bell

Tel:        01622 722219

Our Practice Manager will be pleased to help you with any non-medical matters relating to the practice. To help us make sure that we provide the best possible service for our patients we welcome any comments or suggestions you would like to make, and these should be put in writing to Debra, or ask to speak to her direct.


Assistant Practice Manager

Jane Francis

Tel:        01622 726277


Practice Secretary

Toni Gilham and Susan Stephenson

Toni Gilham and Sue Stephenson acts as Medical Secretary to the Doctors of the practice and processes our Hospital Referrals including those made via Choose & Book.


Reception Team

Our Reception Team consists of:

  • Sue Holland Reception Supervisor
  • Kerry Bullivant                                                  
  • Susan Stephenson
  • Liz Mawson
  • Kerry Theophanides
  • Brenda Blackwell
  • Vanessa Brown
  • Jo Wasilewska
  • Erika Alldridge
  • Natalie Ironmonger
  • Sean Casey

Our Reception Team  are here to help you with appointments and any questions you may have concerning results of tests. 

When you telephone for medical attention, they may need to ask you some details. This is in order that we can help you in the most effective and appropriate way.


Prescription Team

  • Sinead Moore Lead Prescription Clerk
  • Abigail Walker
  • Vanessa Brown
  • Jane Francis

Administation Team

Our Administrative Team consists of:

  • Sue Bridgland
  • Sue Holland
  • Kerry Bullivant
  • Kerry Theophanides
  • Anjalie Gnanissara
  • Sean Casey

Our administration team summarise  medical records, scan information received into our clinical system and deal with the administration and recall systems to ensure we perform well under the Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF)